Thursday, 21 May 2015



The Lunasol brief was an alternative route in branding and identity as I have never worked with jewellery, so this brief was the perfect outlet in letting me explore this and finding out what is essential for a jewellery brand.

I really enjoy working in a collaborative and with this being mine and Roxxie's first brief I really enjoyed how we are such different designers but we really complimented each others styles. I learnt a lot of new things from this collaborative about the bohemian market and tried out different styles of photography with using throws and crystals for props, which I would have never considered before and it was a great experience in channelling another audience.

What skills have you developed through this brief and how effectively do you think you have applied them?

The skills i have developed is my art directional skills through the promotional and video shoot, in directing models, photographers and film makers. I think this a skill I have be honing all year and I am getting more confident in voicing my ideas and direction to a group of people in a constructive and positive way.

This was demonstrated through the outcome of the photography and video and this was a joint success between myself and Roxxie! 

What approaches / methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design development process?

Other approaches I have obtained during this brief is attention to detail with typography, I feel like with this brief I really took the time to develop the logo and it shows in the development the different ways I have considered how the brand name could be translated.

Also I have really been experimenting with video in practice as it's something I think really ads to brands story and have tied to incorporate it in every project I feel relevant. Working with Elliot has allowed me to see what goes into making a video and editing it and I would look forward to developing these skill independently.

What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on these?

The strengths of this brief was editorial and layout and art direction I applied my skills to this brief by creating the look book and co-directing with Roxxie in our campaign work. I will capitalise of these through continuing to experiment and try out new projects where these skills can be utilised.

A strength within this brief was that the collaborative felt really equal, myself and Roxxie were both passionate about the brief and I felt like we both did enough for the brief without feeling one was doing more than the other which is what I have experienced in other briefs. We was both hands on with making decisions and always consulting each other on the development of the brief which made it successful.

What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these in the future?

Time management was a big issue for this brief, with outsourcing photographers the images and features we wanted to incorporate into the brand where not ready in time for the deadline which was out of our hands. I think with addressing this in the future it's a trial and error process and you can't predict what working with people outside of university would be like. 

Although the images came out great they did cause a few set backs and in future I could address this by sticking to working with people that I know are reliable.

Another weakness was not being able to develop the digital side of the brief, due to the set backs and our time management this was something that we pushed to one side. I think if we planned our time better we could have achieved this but with us both being busy with completing other briefs we missed this opportunity to extend the brand. 

Identify things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these?

Expanding the brief further with more digital applications to reach a wider audience, is something I would have liked to see because there is so much scope to this brief and it really could have been pushed just a little bit more to make it feel complete. This will allow our proposed target audience reach us on a multitude of levels and define the brand in print and digital.

For the future myself and Roxxie will be continuing on building this brief in our own time, with the hopes of actually launching our own company in the future which is a positive made from the negative!


Tuesday, 19 May 2015


For the research publication I wanted the images to correlate with the content of the book. I collected my secondary research from jumbo records and some old charity shops of some music posters and vinyl that I keep as a part of my inspiration stage of my methodology to create synthesis and visual variation for the photoshoot.

In some free time, I set up photo equipment using different collected stocks and props set up on chip board using an overhead tripod.

Each page of the publication uses a different coloured stock or prop to match the content of the publication and to juxtapose against the the stock.


The shoot went really, well experimenting with different stocks and props is something i haven't introduced into my practice, so trying something different was a beneficial and added visual depth to the imagery! This is something I will consider in my future career prospects in art direction.

Sunday, 17 May 2015


From the packaging order and our finalised logo, we visited Major Signs to get some silver / chrome vinyl. We chose the reflective stock to represent the shining of the moon and the stars and also because all the jewellery featured is sterling silver which would correlate with the context of the brand.


Using one of my print slots, I cut out the logo and wrapped in film to ensure it would apply to the boxes easily.


From our initial laser cut session I hand crafted the pillow boxes by simply gluing the tabs, these boxes will be used to distributed the rings and small necklaces in the collection.

Product Photography

The with some time left over myself and Roxxie set up some studio equipment and started to take images of the packaging and jewellery for extra look book shots.

Roxxie collected a selection of bohemian style props for the shoot that would complement the brands style and some designs we could experiment with.

Proposed Final Imagery


From the shoot we got loads of great shots and spent about another 6 hours, playing around with props and merchandise to ensure we had all the shots we needed. Although this was a very long process I am really happy with the outcome of the packaging and final photography that we can now transfer into our other proposed products.


Taking on art directorial role within the collaboration and organising the video shoot for the project, I was communicating with elliot with the potential outcome of the Lunasol video.

Elliot sent a little preview of what the video would potentially include, from the shoot we did on the day.

So with reviewing the video I listed some features that could be included,  and sent over some artwork I had been developing as well as the logo and influences for elliot to reflect upon.