Sunday, 17 May 2015


From the packaging order and our finalised logo, we visited Major Signs to get some silver / chrome vinyl. We chose the reflective stock to represent the shining of the moon and the stars and also because all the jewellery featured is sterling silver which would correlate with the context of the brand.


Using one of my print slots, I cut out the logo and wrapped in film to ensure it would apply to the boxes easily.


From our initial laser cut session I hand crafted the pillow boxes by simply gluing the tabs, these boxes will be used to distributed the rings and small necklaces in the collection.

Product Photography

The with some time left over myself and Roxxie set up some studio equipment and started to take images of the packaging and jewellery for extra look book shots.

Roxxie collected a selection of bohemian style props for the shoot that would complement the brands style and some designs we could experiment with.

Proposed Final Imagery


From the shoot we got loads of great shots and spent about another 6 hours, playing around with props and merchandise to ensure we had all the shots we needed. Although this was a very long process I am really happy with the outcome of the packaging and final photography that we can now transfer into our other proposed products.

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