Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Today, I met with Rob and Mark the people behind a new independent record label called Floe. Earlier on in the year I sent out an advertisement to leeds college of music to see if anyone would be interested in me collaborating with them to help them brand themselves or company and these guys got in contact!

This has been one of my first client meetings, so I felt really excited at the the prospect of this being a regular thing when I graduate and becoming more professional. 

Initially I asked them to give me a background of what their company is about — 'Floe' pronounced Flow is an independent, underground record label representing musicians and bands in ambient / alternative music. Starting as a record label, Floe hopes to expand into films and other entertainment in the future. The label has currently 10 artists signed to their label in the Leeds area and hope to expand globally which their impending success. The label will be launching their website next year near easter and will act as a window to them as they haven't got any offices yet. The website which s being created by an agency in London will feature artists music, tickets to gigs, merchandise and plenty more.

At this current stage they would like me to help create a strong logo design amongst other printed merchandise for their artists. Below are some notes I took in the meeting as a reference.


  • Minmal
  • Simplistic
  • PNG + Textured background alternatives.
  • Typographic
  • Negative space
  • Dimensions TBC
  • Transferable on social media 

  • Black and dark greens

  • Textures — Smoke + Mist
  • Dark colours


The did disclose that some artists already have designers for their artwork so it will be on a ask if need be basis. Also they did want me to create some t.shirt designs which I will be compensated for if they are sold. For our next meeting which won't be until later in the year, they would like to see some logo variations and design ideas which I will compile on a mood board to send across. They also will send me a playlist of their artists and the sort of vibe that they are going for as source of inspiration. 

After the meeting it was discussed that this would hopefully be an on-going project and they would like me to be involved after graduation which sounds really promising and exciting, seeing as this was just a first meeting! Overall I have had a great meeting and this project is something I am really looking forward into getting involved in.

Deadline — April / May time.

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