Wednesday, 26 November 2014


From establishing my visual design features, I will now focus on building the brand through applying it's visuals.


I decided to list ways in which I could build the brand and what outcomes would be relevant to a water suppliers.

  • Branded stationary — business cards, invoice, letters
  • Website
  • Staff Uniform
  • App
  • Water Truck
  • Water Supplies

In identifying some outcomes relevant to a suppliers I will try to establish some designs that work with the brand, keeping in mind to maintain consistency so it looks professional.


Home —

Incorporating imagery from water supply and the branded vehicle to show users what the brand os about and to create a professional view.

About —

Experimenting with colour overlays on imagery but I think it would look better as a hover feature as it looks to overpowered by red.

Services —

The services page highlights the all the things flux can offer for an event with imagery and info.

Experimenting with colour hovers in red to keep in line with brand guidelines.

H20 & Quality —

From the previous layout I decided to keep it for the H20 & Quality design the same as the about for consistency and due to the volume of content.

Clients —

Using imagery for festivals and events to highlight the scale and clientele that Flux works with. Again maintaining a monochromatic theme with hints of red for consistency.

Experimenting with a carousel of images to show each client, including a hover overlay which displays info of the the services of the event and customer feedback.

Contact —

Again,  maintain a similar layout to the about & H20 page to keep consistency and content.

Website Final

From my developments, I selected some final designs that worked well together and contained all the information need. I also mocked them up in context for the presentation.


Office Front

An example of an office front, using simple vinyl of the window, again to reinforce the brands image.


A poster to promote the brand, I decided to use images from the events to reinforce the brands 
clientele and also to grab attention.


An example of the brand following onto the transport.

Water Tank

An example of the brand following onto the materials used for supplying water,

Staff Uniform.

I created some t-shirt designs for the staff uniform, keeping in line with the colour scheme. 

These outfits will be worn when setting up the water designs and meeting up with clients to organise the event to highlight the brand and it's professionalism.

Branded Stationary.

An example of some stationary that would be used to send out to clients or new clients, considering business cards, letter head, envelopes and invoices.


I decided to create a an app that would tell festival / event goers where flux will be providing their services and where the nearest water points and toilets are in the venue.

1. The landing page using the branded colours and logo.

2. An information page with all the events that Flux will be working at organised by imagery and titles. The user will click on on of these events and be directed to the map page.

3. This page is a map of the event highlight where water points are with the highlighted logo on the page which is interactive and when clicked on will give users instructions on how to get there like a satnav.


For the building stage I feel like I created a significant amount of outcomes for a water suppliers, although it's a subject that seems quite mundane, I think by the design I created and the context in which I chose to focus the project it's more engaging and interesting. When branding it's important to consider online and digital platforms and for this brief I believe i've considered these and how to expand on supplying water through an app. Again working in these stages has been really beneficial for the development for my work through breaking it down in this format and attacking it in this order. From not really knowing what a water suppliers was to building a brand for one has been informative and enjoyable.

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