Saturday, 14 March 2015


Taking advantage of our studio space on Saturday we converted the studio in a photoshoot area. I took on an art direction role in the photoshoot, which is a skill I am continually building upon with doing this last year for ASOS, and I really enjoyed all the open opportunities that the shoot provided.

I broke down the shots into a 3 sections focusing on daytime, sensory and night time so we would have an abundance of photography to work with for the campaign and video.

Behind The Scenes

Here are a few shots of the set up and the shoot in action.

Left: Elliot on video / Centre: Jasper + Hayley modelling / Right: Oscar on photography

Overall the shoot was a big success with having professional people in the designated roles for this shoot, working collaborative was a useful and fun experience and the shots came out great for the proposed campaign!

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