Thursday, 30 October 2014


I decided to research into some potential stocks for my publication to get a good idea of the limitations of the brief.


In regards to stock I looked into GF Smiths stock swatches as a source of influence, I am not sure weather GF Smith is within my budget for this project but they are excellent stock producers and it would make my publication look more professional.

I initially looked into potential cover stocks as I wanted the front cover to have half orange on it which has been detailed in my previous posts. GF Smith offer a wide range of colours in their colour plan and textures booklet. From the texture booklet I 

The Pike Orange stock that GF smith offers in it's texture booklet is the perfect orange for my publication due to it's bright tone. If I was to get this stock I would have to get it in a 330gsm as the cover it has to be quite thick, however the texture of the stock is really smooth so I don't think it would be durable enough for the context of the publication which would be a problem.

The Gmund Alezan stock is a unique with a tactical textured quality, I really like this stock as it is different from anything I have used before and would make the publication look and feel different. The stock comes in a multitude of gsm.


From the colour plan book, the Madarin colour was also a great colour and weight for the cover, again this is another stock option I can consider for my publication.

After looking at cover stocks I then looked further into some stock I could use for the content pages. GF Smiths specials book had a range of white, cream and beige stocks that I could possibly use for my publication.

I really liked the egg shell tone of the Mohawk stock as it had a bright white quality that would really complement the photography within the publication and bring out all the colours. This will be something I will consider for this brief.

I then looked into deeper tones and really liked the light beige on the Original Gmut stock, the paper also had a really soft texture to the paper which will be a nice quality for the readers. 

After looking into the stocks I decided to compare colours and stocks to see if they would compliment on another.

Out of all the stocks form GF Smith I felt that these variations would work best for my publication as they are both different but offer unique qualities that I haven't experimented with in any other publication. I think in regards to durability I would have to choose a stock that has a high GSM and possibly is coated.

In looking into buying GF Smith paper I know that there is a 25 minimum sheet order, I decided to call the company to get a rough estimate of how much the two variations could possibly cost.

Quote: £8.80 for Gmund Bier / Possible Free Sample for Alezan.   

For further analysis I looked into Leeds University Campus, I used a lot of their stock last year which was still good quality and comes in a multitude of colours. 

From the colours they supplied the colours above were most appropriate to my colour scheme. However when calculating up the costs for the paper it was around the same price for GF Smith and their stock had a more tactile quality. So in regards to this stock this could be something I use for a mock print.

Quote: £8.20 for 24 sheets of A4


After looking into a few stockists I now have the knowledge and options of the stock I could possibly use for my publication.

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