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DR.ME is a creative studio based in Manchester. The name DR.ME is and anagram for the designers names Ryan Doyle (DR) & Mark Edwards (ME). Est. 2010 they create tactile hand made collaged designs for music ranging from — posters, record sleeves and many more.

Today we were set a selection of 3 briefs, in which we had until 4'oclock to complete. Also we were set into a collaborative couple which were predetermined by DR.ME. For my collaboration partner I had Charlie, whom i've never worked with before which was a nice! Below are the listed briefs, initial ideas and final outcomes.

Brief 01:  Vinyl Cover Design

Create a vinyl cover from the email below —

"We're gonna be releasing a limited edition 12" of mix Evian Christ made
 last year called duga - 3 ..  We were discussing artwork concepts and
 josh wondered if there was any way you could graphically represent 
the 10hz tapping sound that makes up the dunga - 3 transmission?

Important to mention right now is that we don't have a lot of time 
to do thus, as this release is intended for record store say and they 
have super right deadlines, so we need this by the end of today?"

Dimensions 12" x 12"

Initially myself and Charlie researched into the different meanings of what 'duga - 3' meant and created a brainstorms individually.

Then we shared idea's and refined our concepts that we felt we both could develop further. We came up with the idea of 'mind control' as it was something that what the soviet proposed and also the electronic and repetitive beat of the song created that vibe. Also we wanted to create a design that included the idea of sound waves or transmission which are detailed in the sketches below. I focused on created the first sketch while Charlie worked on creating the vector brain artwork.

Below is the final outcome of the design for the brief, we incorporated a psychedelic pattern to represent the mind loosing control and then cut up the design into circles to create a sound wave. I really enjoyed the process of this brief exchanging ideas with Charlie and creating some concept driven artwork for music, which again is a big interest in my personal practice!

Brief 02: Poster Design

Create a poster from the email below —

"Hey new poster please

Weds 18th April
Kraak Galler
Picadilly Records

Oh! Please have Saint Coltrane as support...

Dimension A3 (297 x 420 mm) "

To start the brief again we worked in the same process of brainstorming ideas and coming together as a collective. 

The idea for the brief was to create a Kaleidoscopic style poster as this was prevalent throughout the bands music video visuals. Myself and charlie again created our own artwork that we could possibly merge together at the end.Using one of the bands press shots I created the patterns of a kaleidoscope into a small geometric collage. Then placed type in heirachy of importance onto the page.

Brief 03: Self Directed art Piece

Create a piece of work EACH to no brief and for no reason other than the process of creativity and artistic freedom. The only rules are it must be a 2D physical object and must be 23cm x 16cm. Be brave.

For my personal piece I decided to create a type + image collage piece from one of my favourite quotes by Jimi Hendrix. "Music is my religion — Jimi Hendrix".


I have really enjoyed todays workshop, as it has opened my eyes into other ways of designing apart from on – screen. During college and other courses before university I was heavily interested in hand rendered design , and created a lot of collages! this is something I really want to develop in my spare time or other projects as it's something I really did enjoy.  

Also working in a collaborative with Charlie was also really enjoyable, as I havent worked on a project with her before, I felt like we thought of some great ideas together which made the brief even more fun!

I also felt that it was a great session to get me back into designing and was really stimulating in getting me thinking for design for music! I will definitely be contacting DR.ME for any advice or questions about working in music for my personal practice and dissertation piece.

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