Monday, 10 November 2014


As a part of my publication I wanted to create an interactional map, that you can scratch off certain areas to show that you have visited that particular space. I collected a selection of images that rectify this outcome as a sources of influence.

Further Information

I couldn't find any tutorials online of how to do the process, so I took a visit down to the Vernon Street campus and spoke to Andy from the print work shop for some advice on how I could possible execute this design. He gave me a list of materials I would need for the process and how to achieve it.


Fairy Liquid
Metallic Powder / Add acrylic for alternative colour
Waxy surface stock

How To

In order to create this scratch map, I have to print my design on the selected stock and then using a fabric screen and the materials above mixed, over print the design, in a layering motion. Before doing my final design its advised that I should create a strip of testers using different ratios of binding. This is also not guaranteed to work with the selected colours you want and would be a trial and error process.


In finding out about the process and the longevity of it, I felt that this was something that was not essential to the publication. With having limited skills in print work and not really having the time I felt that this was something I will exclude from the Orbit publication as the results of this method were not 100% going to work.

Although this would have been a really nice feature I think focusing all my time and energy into the production of the publication would be more beneficial.

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