Friday, 21 November 2014


Today studio 'Something More' came in to present to us a brief set by them and some information about them and their company.

D.S.M — Which is an acronym for do something more are a leeds based graphic design agency run by Steve and John and today they came in for a visit to propose a brief to us and tell us about their studio. Due to being a relatively new studio they couldn't show us any of their work but talked to us about the importance of brands and the strategies, below are some notes I took on the talk.

Why brands need your help?

Brands are seen as a dirty thing, specially in Naomi Kliens no logo book. But really you need to define what a brand is and how it helps people.

What is a brand?

A badge = logo  /  Identity = looks + sounds. Standing for something. 

Brands can be a about a range of things.

People are conditioned to expect certain levels of design should be a certain way to determine value. 
Brands which are wonderful make a difference
Second moment of truth — the way in which people open and interact with products.
A point of difference — Supermarkets
Relationships are key
People gravitate to what they know! Many brands forget about the customer experience.


To define, create and build a brand and ethos for a water company. 

1. Define, What should it stand for? Why should it exist, why should people care? What makes it different. Whats the big idea? 

2. Create, What does it look life? What does sound like or do?

3. Build, Make stuff that relevant, think beyond the expected!


For this brief i'm going to break down my approach to the format of the way the brief has been written with a blog exploring Defining a water suppliers, the moving on Creating a water suppliers and then finally Building my ideas through mock ups and presentation boards. I think by working in this format it will allow me to see how DSM approaches a brief and will give me a different outlook on how to do it apposed to how I usually work on a  brief.

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