Monday, 24 November 2014


Today we had an interim crit with D.S.M to present our ideas that we had come up with so far. The majority of my group were still at the researching stage and was also the same position I was in. I felt that this was really beneficial as this allowed the session for us to discuss potential ideas with each other and help to develop them further. 

  • We take our water for granted
  • How can you make it interesting?
  • Consider other brands like 'virgin' and how they would represent water suppliers
  • Tell a story
  • Interactive with the consumer
  • Water that you consumer can understand, relate and engage with
  • Think about how it can help the environment
  • What awareness can you create about water?


Initially I felt that the concept I originally came up with didn't meet the criteria because most of the water suppliers ideas were based in Leeds or houses. But after discussing this with the D.S.M guys they expressed that I chose a different way at looking at the brief and it would be interesting to see how I develop this. With that query resolved I feel that I can move forward with my initial concept confidently and also take on what has been said in todays crit.

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