Thursday, 18 December 2014


Today we visited Holbeck to showcase our designs to hang up. Holbeck had series of different design and digital agencies that I definitely will look into further.

Holbeck Urban Village

is about creating a sustainable community developed with consideration for the surrounding areas of Holbeck and Beeston and how the urban village connects these communities to the city centre. The new pioneers are a creative generation powered by hi-tech computers and digital technology. Architectural practices, artists, design companies, film-makers, games developers and web consultancies have found their place alongside cool cafes, restaurants and bars serving the new business and residential community.

Communitree — Our final tree.

Aside from our tree's there was a multitude of creative sustainable tree designs and it was really nice to see how different people interpreted the brief.

For the day we had our photo's taken for the Yorkshire Post, which was an exciting prospect to be featured in local news for our work! Also Steve the manager of Holbeck was really impressed with the tree and enjoyed both of our concepts.


I really enjoyed this brief and today as it was something different, from the usual graphic design work.  Steve loved the concept of Communitree and asked if he could keep the tree for events around the mill, which was a really positive outcome! Overall I've enjoyed working with my group and networking with industry proffessionals such as Tony and Steve.

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