Wednesday, 17 December 2014


This workshop was lead by Tony Broomhead who is apart of OS31 a design and architecture agency in Sheffield. For the workshop myself and 6 other students had put their names forward to partake in his workshop. Tony presented some of the work that his agency do and the work was amazing! definitely something I am interested in, in regards to art direction and curation.

During his presentation I noted some key points about the agency and him.

  • OS31 is based in Sheffield (this is where he works alongside two others)
  • Teaches at Sheffield University
  • He created a restaurant on ice which is currently being build and will be open in January in Canada
  • He has also worked on a building which has a projection on the side and is operated by people's text messages
  • Worked on Leeds Light Night a couple of years ago
  • Manchester pop up installation
  • Children's play area design - When the cushions are placed in the correct sequence this triggers a movie to start playing
  • They have also done a lot of work in Holbeck - Holbeck Urban Village
  • Designed a pop up park for 6 months and 6 years later it is still there
  • Inside the Marshall Mill at Holbeck Urban Village, they designed a tree for life - It has a framework to put plants on 
  • Tony also mentioned that he always creates paper mock ups before starting any project - This made my eyes light up as this is what I love to do!

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