Tuesday, 20 January 2015


To start the brief myself and sam researched into a selection of signage and type examples for inspiration for this project. We knew that we wanted to work with type as this is our strengths as designers.

The use of a bold neon colour would add depth to a plain white wall and make it stand out in the graphic design department.

Acrylic signage is an alternative material and long lasting, this material could possibly work in the department and will be good for 3D signage.

A interactional feature on the wall like shelves to hold students artwork or notices would also contribute to the space and even student contributions like words to describe the course could be used as an extra in vinyl.

Alternative materials like wood and metal would also be really interesting to work with and the angles / depth of type could be enhanced by this.


In looking at these examples we decided on focusing on a 3D type installation that would work in the graphic design area. Considering the limitations of the brief and the visual research we looked into we really like the idea of neon signage to bright up the space, however lit signage costs a lot of money. With this in mind we decided to experiment with colour card and spray paints on the back of the type that would reflect on the walls from natural light which we be a lot more cheaper.

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