Tuesday, 20 January 2015


For my final designs I chose to go with the more simplistic design as initially I felt it would be the easiest to transfer across a range of media.

I sent my email with a short paragraph on my concept and informed them that my mock ups where still in progress.

Mock Ups

I created a  collection of mocked up variations of the designs would work in context, however I wasn't able to send these in time for the deadline, but I wanted to push this brief further to consider how my design would work if I get chosen.

Printed Presence 

Campaign Banner Presence

Online Presence



Through my design I think in the short amount of time I had for the brief I created a range of outcomes suitable for the brief. However in hindsight I do think I should have chosen another design that I was working on. I think the design I went forward with with a bit to minimal and it could have done with some more engaging visuals with what I did in some of the other outcomes. Also I think if I sent over some more mock ups with my initial poster this could have benefited the presentation of my work. With the brief being mainly about encouraging and egnaging students I don't think these visuals were really strong enough in the end. Although this brief is completed I'm going to push this brief further and develop the other outcomes I created initially again

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