Tuesday, 20 January 2015


In graphic design, There is always more that what meets the eye. This course has allowed us to see the multitude of avenues that we can evolve and experiment in to be a designer. 

This concept is demonstrated through a  A 3D Type installation, with backlighting created through neon perspex or spray paint to give the typography visual depth. 

What ever angle you look at the type it enhances the idea that it will always stand out from the mundane and challenge your perspective.

The layered type represents the evolution of a designer building up on their skills on the course and bold orange signifying growth and adventure.

The bold typography is accompanied by vinyl words that students have used to describe or experiences that have felt on the course to give a more communal and student perspective approach sharing our ideas as a course.

Our design is simple but effective and is transferable to any location within the graphic design department for longevity.

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