Wednesday, 14 January 2015


After Identifying my concept I decided to start experimenting with colour variations for the background of the posters to make them stand out. From my concept I wanted to create a bold, fresh and colourful design that took away from the mundane idea of filling out a survey and to visually engage the students around the college.

1. LCA 

My initial colour scheme was influenced by the LCA colour used in their branding, I took to their online website and sampled colours that were used so that the posters would fit within the establishment branding and work cohesively throughout the building.

The colours used were bold and colourful, however with using the LCA branded colours it might blend in with other promotional work that has been used that is not specific to this survey and take away from it's effectiveness.

2. Green Gradient

Considering my concept I wanted to create something fresh and visually engaging, I then decided to experiment with greens and yellows as these colours explicitly represent this. I created a gradual gradient individually on each poster which visually connects the posters but also distinctively breaks them up.

I think this colour choice is bold and works really well to create a set of posters and colours that could visually engage students throughout the college.

3. Patriotic

Keeping in mind that I wanted to use bold colours for these posters, I decided to take on the idea of creating a patriotic colour scheme to fit in with the idea of voting and 'voicing your opinion' for change. I chose red, white and blues to execute this idea.

Tthe colours of the posters really stand out but look a little clinical in my opinion to my previous experiments in the first set of designs. However the second set of designs really work in regards to the colours of the shapes and really stand out.

4. Pastels

Lastly I decided to experiment with a more pastel based colour range to see how this variation and style would differ from bold block colours. I chose light blue, yellow and red as these are differentiating colours that would make the colours.

However I felt the posters did't look as engaging as some of the others and due to the pastel tones with the white type, the typography was quite hard to read and not very legible specifically with the use of yellow.

5. Block

I then decided to experiment with a bright orange colour throughout the posters as this colour is bold and bright which again fits within the concept I had in mind for the brief.

However after the  experimentation, I felt it took away from the 'Voice Your Opinion' message that I highlighted in the brief and was to consistent for what I wanted to achieve.




From my variations I felt the 2nd colour variation worked the best as it signified what I wanted to achieve with the brief, were colours I have never experimented with before and worked cohesively together in a fresh and engaging way. With this design decision made I will now look at applying my final poster designs to other mandatories for the brief and mock ups.

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