Monday, 9 February 2015


Research looking into the branding of music artists, focusing on logos and other potential outcomes and visual styles for range and distribution.


I looked into a collection of bold san serif logo's as I think this would be the most suitable for Tyron's brief as he stated he wanted it to stand out and also for it to work of flyers for gigs.

A bold logo with mono spacing to make it easy to ready and stand out, also a typeface that has a symmetry would make it took visually appealing.

The movement of the type is visually striking and although it's manipulated it still is legible.

Kate Moross

I looked into studio Moross, as she's known for designing for music and has bold and unique aesthetic which would link to what Tyron would like.


Logo using spill colours and iridescent textures, which has been something tyron is interested in.


Bold photography and a statement design logo really works with the branding of banks.

Creating a custom typeface for the client, which could be used on all of the promotional material.

— Roses Gabor

Jessie Ware

Hemtex uses bold colours and geometric letterforms which really stands out, I like the idea of creating a gif that could be used for his online presence in the future.

This branding uses a simplistic type arrangements with a bold spill colour background this is 
something that could really work for this design and would be transferable across a range of media.



Simplistic logo's with colourful backgrounds, to fit in with Tyron's visual ideas.


From my research I think moving forward I will create a logos that experiment with decorative type features and something simple with a bold background that can be transferable across a range of media.

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