Saturday, 28 February 2015


From the clients feedback the main adjustments were with the colour, so he wanted something bright, bold and deep. Also from the visual references Tyron sent over there was a lot of iridescent tones, gradients and spill colours. So I decided to experiment with a range of techniques to achieve this.

Block Colour

I experimented with some bold primary colours and deep shades for my first set of variations, I decided to work with block colours initially because the logo is quite decorative so I wanted to consider other options so that a pattern or gradient wouldn't take away from the design.

Colour Text

hue: -180
saturation: +65

hue: -33
saturation: +65

hue: +139
saturation: +75

hue: -62
saturation: +75

From the first set of variations I showed Tyron, he really liked the gradient colours within the logo, but on the white background it took away from the rich colour. So with these developments I decided to use a black background and experiment with the hue and saturation of the gradient.

Spill Colour Background

For the spill colour designs I created gradients and used the liquidify tool and the blur tool to create this effect in Photoshop. I think with background more blurred it works better because it doesn't over power the logo.

Gradient Background

Lastly I experimented with a few gradients, use tonal and bright colours and white text to stand out.


Overall I think I created a range of different ways that colour could be used in regards to Tyron's visual style and requirements. Next I will send over some variations to hime for more feedback.

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