Monday, 9 February 2015


To start the brief I came up with a list of potential ideas of what we could produce through the research I collated.

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I then started on some  logo ideas, through some thumbnails sketches taking on our initial theme of connectivity.

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From my sketches I started to develop them further digitally, keeping in mind the concept of connectivity.

I found this process quite hard as we we defined as creating something quite corporate which is something I don't usually do. However I think these initial developments were a helpful starting point.

Design Ideas

In preparation for our second group meeting I decided to create a small presentation of ideas to show to my group. Collating imagery, colour ideas, possible influences and the tone of voice.

I decided to use orange for my initial ideas to fit in with the theme of adventure, when travelling round capital north I though this was a bold and attractive colour and the psychology behind it really fit in with the theme of the brief.


With these initial ideas created I will now wait for our next group meeting to discuss our ideas further and how we can push the brief.

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