Tuesday, 24 February 2015


From our feedback session I started to reflect back on the comments and do some further research on how we could execute the brief visually.


I began to collect some more logo designs that I though would be beneficial to the theme of more and also some typographic solutions on how we could design the logos.

The idea of incorporating a more sign into the logo, however this could be quite cliche.

As a group we all discussed that we could use a logo that is created through shapes and a possible 3D element, so when looking into logo's the isometric style was something that stood out to us.

Using an isometric logo, creates a different aspect from a 3D logo and highlights the theme of more and stands out visually!

Poster Layout

I decided to collect some visual research focusing on layout and type as a source on influence for this brief. With a particular focus on how the patterns could connect to create a definitive shape, influencing the idea of more.


An additional feature / consideration for this brief is that the posters could work as a set that fold out into one big poster. This concept could link to the theme of more and unity and also would be a nice feature to the presentation to hand out to the DBA judges. This idea would not only be beneficial for the brief but also us as designers as we could include our portfolio links, as a way of networking.

An alternative shape of a poster which could work with our idea of using geometric shapes.


In this research I have been able to consider more visual ideas and concepts from our last meeting, with this information I will now try and incorporate this into my work.

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