Monday, 23 February 2015


From our feedback session I decided to start on some ideas of how I could push the concept further visually. I decided to create a few quick concepts to share with my group for our next meeting.

After working with some typographic designs I decided to experiment with some alternative shapes designs to develop a different outcome.


From my shape thumbnail sketches I decided to develop the idea of creating the circular links idea due to the fact it could work alone and combined together make more and unity design, which are features that my group are focusing on within this brief.


Initially I decided to colour code each city. Then developing my initial sketch idea I combined the circles to created interlocking loops to represent these themes. I experimented with weight and arrangement to test out this concept further which is detailed below.

From my initial ideas I felt that these designs worked the best as they showed significantly how the links worked together and could also create and interesting pattern that can be developed into the poster work, which is something my group have discussed we could work on.

Initial Poster Ideas

With the initial logo design I though that the use of definitive colours to break down the cities could work for the poster style, to keep within the concept.

Set One

A simplistic design of how type and colour could be displayed on the posters highlighting the cities colour and link within the logo.

Set Two

The concept of these posters is to highlight the cities more features through there definitive colours to make it look bold and stand out.


Set Three

The concept is to create a set of posters that work individually but at as a set work and combine into the logo design. This concept could work for the presentation as a physical element to hand out to the judges. 


- A2 format, with 4 x folds
- Double Sided
- Additional info highlighting the more features about the cities e.g art, culture ect.

—      —       —


After some developments I felt these designs were not really going anywhere and didn't look very appealing. When I showed my group these ideas it reminded them of the olympic games and to be honest it really does look similar. So I think I need to do some more visual research and see what else I can come up with!

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