Tuesday, 17 February 2015


From our previous meetings we all had so many ideas so we decided to vote on our favourite ideas from each person, to make it fair.

From our votes these concepts where the highest and then we all wrote down ways these concepts could be displayed. This the filtered it down to our final concept.

We  took time to develop our concept and chose the name 'Breaking the Mould' and wrote a mission statement: 

Breaking the mould is an exhibition at Leeds College of Art that aims at 
showcasing the final year students work from both further and higher education. 
The term ‘Breaking the mould’ is used here to define the idea of Leeds College of 
Art students breaking away from conventions, highlighting and celebrating the 
students individuality, it’s unconventional nature and the progression of the 
students and institution.


The concept will be developed in three different ways, flat, dissected and 3D design. Each one of these directions explores the possibilities of developing the concept in different directions whilst focusing on the key idea of ‘Breaking the mould’.


Myself and Rinesh also collected a selection of imagery for mock ups through an on location photoshoot, below are images of the destinations

This will make our designs more realistic.


Working in a big group can be quite hard to work with everyones ideas so the process that we did as a group was really fair and allowed us to now focus on a concrete concept and move forward with the design development.

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