Tuesday, 24 February 2015


An idea I had was to actually outsource some perfume packaging and associated products to work with for the project. I research into a number of stockists to present to my partner.


An online stockists company with an array of amber to clear aroma and bottle packagings below are some examples and pricing to consider for the brief.

Amber Bottles

Pricing is £5.41 — £54.81 / Bulk supply only - minimum supply 10.

Clear Shaped Glass Jars

Jars for possible creams, perfume or any proposed cosmetics.

Pricing is £13.22 — £19.35 / Bulk supply only - minimum 24.

Ampula is another stockist sight with an array of glass and plastic jars and bottles, the upside to this website also it that the quantity for products is at a minimum of one which will be beneficial for the budget for mine and Jasper's brief.

 Ointment Jars

A few examples from the range that come in a multitude of depths and weights, which alternate lids and in clear and amber.

Glass Bottles With Atomiser Spray

100ml maximum with atomiser top

Fragrance Bottles

Ampular is one the best websites I have come across so far in regards to the specifications of the brief, with only a few examples there are a lot more products to consider also for the brief.

This collection of Glass Bottles is only a selection of the huge assortment of Personal Care Bottles that we hold in stock and are able to source to special order. This is to give you an idea of what is available but the items that we are able to supply directly from stock may change from time to time. If you have special requirements we are only too happy to help you find a suitable container for your product, using our enormous range of contacts across the world to do this. Matching caps to the products are sold separately.

Although the products are nice, I think this supplier would be out of budget and practicality for the brief.

Pricing is £31— £173 / Bulk supply only - minimum 96.

Airless pump bottles that are quite interesting for creams and extended product ranges, only availble in glass, black and white.

Pricing is £1.25— £1.70 / Any quantity

Perfume glasses

Frosted glass pump

Perfume vial

Pricing is £1.25— £1.70 / Bulk supply only, free samples available.

available with white lids also and varied sizes.

Pricing is £0.55— £4.70 / Any quantity Available.


After researching into bottle packaging stockists there are quite a few items that could work for this brief and also are available at a small quantity which is preferred for this brief, in terms of practicality. After presenting these outcomes to Jasper we can decided weather we want to move forward with this concept.

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