Tuesday, 24 February 2015


From my research I decided to gather some potential ideas to pitch to my partner on what we could produce. I decided to list some initial outcomes for this brief considering all aspects of the products and campaign.

Primary Products
  • Male fragrance
  • Female fragrance

Extended Products
  • Room infuser
  • Candles
  • Body / hand cream
  • Small vial testers
  • Roll on perfume
  • Body mist

Printed Paraphernalia
  • Perfume tester sticks
  • Mini leaflet detailing whats inside the perfume / brand history / other scents available or due to launch
  • Perfume box / packaging
  • Limited edition or specific perfume bag

  • Video of the scent and products in action with models / used to be playing in store / tv / online
  • Online mock up on Whistles website
  • Magazine advert mock up or feature in the store look book
  • Posters / in store / billboards / bus / high street
  • Social media / instagram / twitter / # reference to get consumers involved
  • Mail shots / to go into bags when a consumers buys any product for the store
  • Interactive posters / bus stop / store front
  • Photograph products / type installation


Taking into consideration that the brief is aimed at males and females, myself and jasper could potentially work on creating a fragrance for each gender that shares similar brand guidelines as well as collaboratively working on the other proposed outcomes.

With the brand male and female defined within the brief and looking into some aesthetic approaches, the overall outlook should be clean and minimal but contain something engaging and different for new consumers and existing ones to invest into it. Below is a brainstorm of potential ideas for the concept.

Concept 1:

Two designs that combined create a completed design but also work work alone. Encourages the audience to buy both fragrances and potential ones that come out in the future to complete a full set.

Concept 2:

A campaign highlighting that the perfume is a statement piece of an outfit. 'never fully dressed' a working title could be the basis of the campaign encouraging customers that although they might have the perfect outfit. Why not complete the look by smelling good too.

This could encourage an online campaign / scent journal with the campaign stating #neverfullydressedwithouther — #neverfullydressedwithouhim

Concept 3:

A campaign focused on the unique scents used to embody the Whistles man and woman.  With tones of sandle wood to represent aware in the brand guidelines of the man.

With these small concept ideas, I will present them to Jasper and we can work on developing them further for the brief.

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