Thursday, 5 March 2015


After completing our research and action plan from our previous meeting, myself and jasper met up to discuss our ideas and how to tackle the brief.

From my initial ideas on potential outcomes, we decided to take on the following,

Primary Products
  • Male fragrance
  • Female fragrance

Printed Paraphernalia
  • Perfume tester sticks
  • Mini leaflet detailing whats inside the perfume / brand history / other scents available or due to launch
  • Perfume box / packaging
  • Limited edition or specific perfume bag

  • Video of the scent and products in action with models / used to be playing in store / tv / online
  • Online mock up on Whistles website
  • Magazine advert mock up or feature in the store look book
  • Posters / in store / billboards / bus / high street
  • Social media / instagram / twitter / # reference to get consumers involved
  • Mail shots / to go into bags when a consumers buys any product for the store
  • Interactive posters / bus stop / store front
  • Photograph products / type installation

We decided to not include any extended products at this stage due to the time we have and wanting to focus more on tackling two products and a well defined campaign.

Photography + Video Campaign

With this in mind, we definitely want to look at using photography and video campaign with models for this brief. So myself and jasper decided to book Saturday 14th to do the shoot look to collaborate with photographer and videographer.

From previous collaborations I decided to contact Oscar Lawrence and Elliot Tibbs, who I used for my Re—Mix brief and my ASOS brief. These are both really reliable and good designers so I was glad when they agreed to come on board.

With the videographer and photographer booked, all that needed to be done was to book some models. So I sent out an email to all courses to see who would be interested in collaborating.



For the fragrance we decided to use glass bottles for this brief, from the research I presented some of the bottles would arrive in time for the brief. So we looked and alternative suppliers also. One thing myself and Jasper liked was using Apocathy bottles as they have an elegant and alternative look which links to brief these bottles also range form £2.27 which is within the budget for the brief also.

A suggestion for using these type of bottles, would be the idea of it linking to chemistry between a man and woman as these bottles are generically used for science purposes. However this is something that we will have to consider after visiting the Whistles, to ensure it fits in with the brand.


Another thing we discussed is how we would name the fragrance, with their being so many way and languages to describes a sense, we decided to keep the naming conventions as British due to it being a British based brand. Using 'man' & 'woman' and 'perfume' & 'cologne' for example. This is something we still need to develop, along with our concept.

  • Printing 12th - 13th 3pm
  • Photography - 14th

Action Plan
  • Packaging research
  • Photography + prop research
  • Bottle stockists
  • Book models
  • Concept ideas

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