Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Another thing we have to consider is what the packaging and perfume labels will look like, with this in mind I decided to reflect on what Whistles already has and other brands.

Whistles Packaging





A very minimal package design as the first perfume from Maison Martin Margiela, aptly called Untitled. It's a no fuss, no label approach, commensurate with the rest of the brand's look. The bottle features the signature white cotton that's seen on all Margiela's garments, tied on by hand.


From my initial research into the brand and other brands, I definitely think using a vertical rectangle box would be best suited to the brief. Although this has been seen with many other brands it's something that is practical for the target audience and has been used in other whistles packaging designs. 


Simplistic square label detailing whats inside the bottle allowing the product to do the talking.

 A wrap round label in monochromatic sections to break up information.

Maison Martin Margiela

Old medical glass topped bottles, but feels modern because of the swathe of white.




Using a printed fabric strip for the label, synergy with the clothing brand, could be a print from their current collection.

A side strip label, doesn't over power the beauty of the bottle and allows the consumer to see the perfume contents clearly.

Overall I really like the idea of using a white stick paper to create the label to wrap round the bottle. The design remains mid-high end and looks elegant which fits within the target audience requirements and attributes. This something I will have to look into at the printed resources.

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