Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Today, myself and Roxxie met up from our last meeting before the easter to discuss the progress of the brief and what we had been working on. Due to other commitments myself and Roxxie hadn't done much so we decided to make imperative decisions that day.

Campaign Photoshoot

The campaign photoshoot, will be images used for our proposed website, look book and other promotional material. We decided to organise this first because it was the biggest task with collaborating with creatives and getting the materials needed for the photoshoot.


Myself and Roxxie have been searching for models for a while, so we decided to ask some people from university. I used an external website called model mayhem which I have used for previous brief but the candidates that replied to the brief where not suitable.

We wanted one female model and one male model and managed to secure Izzie Hazgard from 1st year graphics and Jordan Harrison - Reader from 3rd year graphics. Both these students encapsulate the Lunasol image and where happy to be on board with the project!


Roxxie had recommended a Photographer called Victoria who would have been perfect for the brief but due to being based in Essex she was quite far away and her rates where not within the budget for the brief. To overcome this, we tried to ask uni for some funding for this project, however with their being a lot of funding going into the end of year show and other materials for the course this wasn't plausible.

We will now look at contacting more local photographers for the shoot, and I will document this progress.


The shoot will be taking place between the 01st - 04th of May in the bank holiday. No exact date has been confirmed yet due to the requirements of the photographer and models which we need to still work on.


From the visual research, we were really influence by Vanessa Mooneys jewellery shoot, so due to our name we felt that using a crescent moon in the photoshoot as a prop would be really beneficial for depth and interesting features in the shoot aside from the models.

In preparation I booked a laser cut slot for Monday 27th of April so we could test out some designs and sizes. The next step for this is to but some spray paint preferably in a pearlescent tone or glitter to go with our overall visuals.

Jewellery + Looks

We need to collect some looks for the photoshoot for the models so myself and Roxxie have set aside 25th of April to go into the city centre and collect all the essential items for the photoshoot. In regards to make - up myself and Roxxie thought a natural look would be the best so we decide we didn't need to organise a make-up artist.


Our dream location for the photoshoot would to shoot at Druids Temple or Ilkley Moore, but due to budget, transport and the equipment for the photoshoot. We needed to consider other options to ensure that the photoshoot would go to plan.

If we can not get to the locations we deiced upon shooting in round hay park in Leeds, (fingers crossed the weather is beautiful). Also if the weather doesn't go to plant we always have the option of shooting in our studio and renting out photography equipment.

By keeping our options open we have a good variety of ways to execute the campaign photoshoot.


In organising the campaign photoshoot, we now know we have to sort out in order for it to be a success, although a lot of ideas might have not gone our initial way, we have loads of back up options which is really beneficial for the production of this brief!


In preparation for out other deliverables I also booked a printing slot for the 6th of May so we can print items such as our look book, vinyl logo designs and other jewellery designs.

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