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You will be required to undertake a period of focused, in-depth and sustained research into an area of graphic design appropriate to your design strategy. You should apply a range of research methods in the investigation of issues, practices, practitioners and companies relating to your own particular area of study. This should culminate in the design and production of a Case Study in the form of a book (or print based delivery), interactive DVD or web site.


As a design I have 3 fields that I have an avid interest in that have define my practice, these include Art DirectionBranding and Editorial within the Fashion and Music sector.

Considering the area of graphic design I have been working on this year and what I enjoy I decided to focus on design for music, as it's something that heavily influences my practice. Throughout the year I have been in contact with music design agencies, clients and researching into the practice of music that has allowed me to gain a substantial amount of knowledge of the industry. Specifically in my COP 3 study this allowed me to uncover a lot about the music industry that I never would have considered before.


The format of this brief I will consider creating a zine or a series of posters / flyers as these fit into the context of music design, and are some of the outcomes that are created in this practice. This will synthesis my theory and my design really well and considering time, this would be most efficient.


A research publication looking into design for music, culminating areas of branding, editorial and art direction. This publication will include some of the most imperative things I have learnt about designing for music, my influences and my ambitions in the industry.



- Methodology . Understanding . Style . Information . Context. 

Potential Content

- Technology
- Consumers
- Trends 
- Culture
- Style
- Originality - Theodore Adorno

- Album Artwork
- Promotional Material
- Artist Branding
- Event Design

- Peter Saville - Live talk
- Kate Moross
- Ian Anderson - Workshop / Email
- Paul Hemmingfeild - Interview

- Bunch Design
- Studio Moross
- Pin Studios
- Yolo
- Smiling Wolf
- Ideas by Music

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