Monday, 11 May 2015


From my initial ideas I decided to move forward with one of my final concepts of having a publication that details women with men on the other side and finally meeting at the end. The book would be photography based with type inserts similar to the Hannah Ter Mullen look book, possibly using pearlescent stock


The front cover is a mix between both models, to show that the brand is unisex.


For the introduction page, I thought using imagery of the models emerging into the woods would be perfect to tell the story of Lunasol.

Luna - Women

The following pages would detail about the luna woman and detail her in the forrest with the statement jewellery juxtaposing against the photography to display the style in context and also to clearly indicate what the products which is influenced by my research into look books.


Look 1 -

Look 2 -

Influenced by the photoshoot, the second look is more floral and ethereal  

Look 3 -


Sol Man

Similar to luna woman, this section will detail how the luna man will work his way through the forrest.

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