Monday, 11 May 2015


For my research publication and looking into visual research I wanted the design to reflect mini music flyers or have music zine qualities to represent my field of interest.


For my cover design I am considering creating a vinyl cover / laser cut cover that will show imagery of music in action as a gateway or visual representation of a window into the culture of music.

I started my developments through experimenting with the book title name M.U.S.I.C, the full stops are within the title to hight the break down of my methodology and that each letter stands for another word.

I then tried an alternative outlook on the cover by incorporating some of the most influential flyers and posters I have sourced over the years. This will be used with the laser cut typography of the name.


For the contents page I wanted it to be laid out like a concert listing or festival line up, again to synthesis with the theme of music. This page will use a bold or neutral stock.

I started the design off by simply detailing what I needed on the page.

I then started to experiment with the idea of creating a poster style line up for the contents page and adding other music orientated features such as a track listing for the page names and numbers.


A insert of gig photography would be put over the content page to make the poster look more authentic. 

Acetate or true grain stock will be used for the insert.


For my introduction I wanted to keep this quite simple as I wanted the audience to primarily focus on the written content.

I started by adding some content about what the publication was about and how it relates to my practice.



For the understanding sector of the publication I collated information about what I have learnt about the music industry including quotes from theories and designers that have been sourced from my dissertation.

The understanding section is concluded with how this section of my methodology has been executed in my practice with some imagery and background on the brief.


Mock Print

With the development of the publication I decided to do a mock print to see if the alignment would be okay for the screw binding.

Without binding the pages the writing was too close with the edge, so in the development of the publication I will move the content to centre. 

Finally I experimented with a ring binding method, that could possibly be used to change the publication into a festival lanyard.






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