Thursday, 14 May 2015


From our photoshoot, we received some of the images from the photographer we hired, some of the images came out amazing! but unfortunately not all in time for the production of our look book and print date which we missed due to the delay. 
Also some of the images were not to the quality and filter we wanted so Roxxie used her skills to edit them in the style we wanted, so I was really pleased that she had these skills and utilised them perfectly for the Lunasol aesthetic and vibe!
The images where taken in analogue and digital but some of the analogue images came out to grainy for reproduction and din't have the same quality as the digital images. Below are some of the shots that were taken on the day.

Digital Images:

Analogue Images:


Reflecting back on the shoot and the 6 hours it took to change Jordan and Izzie and all the jewellery, i'd say it was definitely worth it because we got a great selection of shots from what we received, although we would have liked a lot more! Jordan was amazing in the photoshoot and really in his element and Izzie was great too, being a first year she really wasn't intimidated by all the third years and was a pleasure to work with. Both of the models really suited the bohemian vibe and the visual vibe was executed perfectly. Myself and Roxxie took on great art directorial skills with both the models, photographers and videographers.

The only downside to this was the delay in images that effected the production of the look book, but this will now have to be produced digitally.

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