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For the content of my book I decided to break down the destination content into sections which are detailed below. I did this in order for the audience to get a well rounded view of what to experience in that destination and to cater to everyones tastes.

Bucket list — the main attraction or sight to see within that city, this can take the form of a quote or phrase e.g                          "No.1 - Gaze at the northern lights"

Helpful phrases — A collection of simple phrases to use when travelling, like hello + goodbye.

Native dish — The dish that represents that country or recommended restaurant

Accommodation — A reasonable priced hotel / hostel within the place

Hidden Gem — An alternative place to visit or experience like and excursion or entertainment.

I then researched into each destination individually using online sources which are linked to the words and the books I gathered from my primary research to STA.

1. London

The River Thames
Fish + Chips
Generator Hostel £22—£42

2. Reykjavik

Northern Lights
Hello — halló / Goodbye — kveðja / How Much ? — hversu mikið / Thank You —þakka þér
Hakarl — Rotten shark meat

Reyjavik Backpackers £16 — £24
Blue Lagoon

3. New York

Times Sq
Hot Dog
Hi NYC  £40
Central park

4. Cancun

Ik Kil
Hello — Hola / Goodbye — Adios / How Much ? — Cuánto cuesta / Thank You — Gracias — Spanish
Hostel Amigo  £12—16
Underwater Museum

5. Rio De Janeiro

Christ The Redeemer
Hello — Ola / Goodbye — Adeus / How Much ? — Quanto / Thank You — Obrigado — Portuguese
Picanha Steak
El Misti Copacabana  £11

6.  Cape Town 

Table Mountain
Hello — Hallo / Goodbye — Totsiens / How Much ? — Hoeveel / Thank You — Dankie — Afrikaans
Cape Malay
Ashanti Gardens Lodge £10 — £15
Shark Cage Diving / The Power Bar

7. Cairns

Barrier Reef

YHA  £40
Skyrail Rainforest

8. Goa

Anjuna Beach/Hippie markets
Hello – Dev Boro Dis Dium / Goodbye — Bare Melya Aani Kennai / How Much ?—Itle ve / Thank You — Boro asa — Konkani
Humann — fish curry and rice
Pousada-Tauma £20 — £40
Dudhsagar Falls / Sri Mangesh Temple

9. Hong Kong 

Victoria Peak
Hello — Nǐ hǎo / Goodbye — Zàijiàn / How Much ? — Duōshǎo / Thank You — Xièxiè — Chinese
Noodles — Chow Mein / Lo Mein / Lamain
Island Lantau

10. Tokyo 

Hello — Kon'nichiwa / Goodbye — Sayōnara / How Much ? — Donokurai / Thank You — Arigatō — Japanese
Grand House Chang Tee £27 — £42
Tokyo Skytree

Aside from contextual information, I started to collect images for each of the locations needed for the publication that highlights the food, culture and sightseeing features. I recorded my findings on Pinterest.


From my research I have collated a well rounded group of things to see and do at these destinations that would cater to a wide variety of students and travel enthusiasts. By breaking down the main topics that I wanted to include this made my research process a lot easier.

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