Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Today I visited, Jumbo Records which is an independent music trading store, stocking vinyl's, cd's, magazines and printed material for events. I initially visited Jumbo to see if I could come across any interesting posters, album artwork and flyers that could be beneficial for the production of my work.

Posters — Events in Leeds + Bands.

I wasn't able to take many images of the poster within the store, but from my observations there was a lot of different scales and formats being used for A3 — B0. Again this is something I really want to push with this brief as I want to experiment with diverse folding and format.

Sankeys — Celebrating 20 years

A fold out poster / flyer detailing the celebration of Sankeys running for 20 years. I really like the use of bold colour and pattern to grasp the audiences attention. The folded design is simply but works cohesively with the content with is type and vector based. It starts at an A5 format and transitions into A3 which is a reasonable size in regards to scale for the possible production of my brief.

The Warehouse — Celebrating 35 years

Another fold out poster / flyer detailing the celebration of The Warehouse running for 35 years. The two brand colours plus black stock again works really well in highlighting whats important within the publication. When designing mine I will consider using a similar minimal colour pallet to get these effects. The design of this printed piece starts a A6 and folds out into A3 which allows more folds for content.

Wharf Chambers

The Canary Wharf phamlet's scale was really interesting and something I have not really seen or designed like before. Although it's different, in regards to practicality and legibility I felt that this lacked in the design and doesn't leave a lot of room for content.

Brudenell Social

The Brudenell Social flyer is a fold out concertina, I really liked the glossy stock used on this as it made the colours really stand out and look professional. I also like how the pages can be folded and interacted with in different ways.


Although I initially came to Jumbo to buy Mixmag, I still think the visit was beneficial in me seeing what the store has to offer, it also was an opportunity to look at contemporary and alternative designs for music and would be beneficial to visit again for other briefs.

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