Monday, 3 November 2014


In researching into possibly photography ideas, myself and Roxie really liked the idea of a location photoshoot, somewhere that was quite earthy, near the sea and quite picture esk to follow through with the bohemian vibe.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey could be a good location, as it's easy to get to and will make a wonderful backdrop for photographs! Also, being in the middle of nowhere will allow for no interruptions.. We wouldn't want to be getting in the way of people!

Wuthering Heights

The Yorkshire Moors could make a really good location for the photoshoot, but it might be a bit bleak at certain times of the year, and will be really cold in the winter, so time of year will need to be taken into consideration if we were to go up there!

North York National Park

Near Ravenscar there's a coast line and fields after fields of national park. Would be a very English setting, and would make some rather dramatic photographs. Could maybe even go down to the coastline and take some beach photos?

Whitby West Cliff Beach

A possible beach location, though I'm not sure how quiet the location will be.. Or how easy it is to get to...

Otley Chevin

Another park in Yorkshire, but a lot closer to Leeds than most of the locations I've been looking at, as it's just a bus ride over to Otley!

Ilkley Moor

Baron and dramatic.. A lot of different textures and areas of the moors in Ilkley, so could suit a variety of photoshoots. Quite a contrast in colours between the two photos below as well, so could find a variety of different areas to work in.

Twelve Apostles, Ilkley Moor

A photoshoot in a stone circle could work really well as it will link to the "cosmic" feel that we're going for. Will have quite a hippy vibe to the photos, and would look pretty against the colour of the heather flowers on the hills.

Druid's Temple, Swinton

Ooooooo or the Druid's Temple near Swinton would be a really good location! It's dramatic and very historic. Would suit the hippy and cosmic vibe to our Bohemian brand. Would also be an interesting location to shoot in with the models.


In looking at these locations myself and Roxie really liked the Ilkely Moors as if had so many textures, stones and space to explore and experiment with for the photoshoot. In this research we will now have to consider planning travel routes and other photoshoot features such as models, photographers, wardrobe and make - up artists.

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