Monday, 16 February 2015


From my visual research, I wanted to experiment with Tyron's name and how I could lay it out visually. I decided to experiment with a few thumbnail sketches on how this could be executed.


From my thumbnails I created an extensive range of how I could arrange the type to ensure that it is bold and legible, just as the client wanted. I am the worst drawer in the world! but writing out type allows to me see how it can be arranged and how the letter forms work.

Considering the artists style I think using a decorative type face should be consider to make it stand out and to be bold and different.

I experimented with just using the clients initals but I think for an emerging artist a full name should be used so his audience is aware and something like this could work as a secondary logo.

From the type arrangement I think the first name at top and the second name works better at the bottom visually and for readability.

Font Research

From my research and thumbnails I then decided to look into some fonts that I thought it could be used or act as a source of influence for this project. As previously mentioned I think using a san serif font would be most appropriate for the artist's style and requirements from the brief and with the logo being used for a multitude of things it's imperative that it's legible across a multitude of media. 

Decorative San Serif


The attitude font is really alternative and edgy just like the client and his music, but still has a modern and legible aesthetic. I think this type would work really well with a light serif since it's so decorative an bold.



The Albert typeface has a similar style to the Ruben Hills logo, from my research and I really like the moving element to the typography, which is quite distinct and different. 

Bold San Serif


Bebas Neue


Big John / Slim Joe

I really like the idea of using juxtaposed type for the logo to highlight his first and last name, this is something I will consider when designing digitally.




From my thumbnail sketches and my typography research, I feel I now have a range of ways I could explore and experiment with this logo for the brief. I definitely think experimenting with either a decorative san serif of a bold san serif will be suited to Tyron's visual style and the ideas he has shown me, so the next step it to experiment with some digital developments.

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