Friday, 13 February 2015


Today we met in a group for the first time to discuss our ideas that we had been working on for the past few days, to pitch to each other and how we could execute the brief, which is documented in my initial ideas.

We decided to take words of themes from everyones brief and decided to focus on themes of progression and individuality as we felt these were defining factors for the institution and also to represent us as students which is relatable. 


We then read through the brief again, refined it to fit in with our open concept. 


We went to marketing to find out what the branding guidelines are for the university to ensure that our design is acceptable and fits within the establishment.

Action Plan

We created an action plan for the week and also some visual ideas for each of the words that we felts stood out from our concepts that we could develop further for our next meeting.


With an action plan set for the week and an open idea for the brief it will keep the group work in order and also allow us to have a varied outcome along the outlines and topics we have selected for the brief. We also set up a google drive account so we could all have access to artwork.

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