Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Today myself and Roxie met up to discuss our brief, we have left it for a little while due to other briefs and commitments but now we have time to start branding the project. We sat down and brainstormed all the potential outcomes and ideas for the brief to ensure what we we wanted to create.


Lunasol which translates the sun and the moon is a bohemian jewellery suppliers, specialised in male and female accessories. The brand emulates a young, vibrant and carefree ethos with beautiful products catered for those who want to stand out.


We listed potential outcomes for the brief and what would be significant for a jewellery brand.


The kinds of products that we would sell and use for our shoots

To Do

We also discussed what we needed to begin on this week and over Easter and wrote a To Do list for the upcoming few weeks:


Roxxie suggested a photographer that she knowns that would be perefect for the photoshoot. She sent a message to Victoria Cadisch who would be perfect for our brand.  Below are some examples of Victoria's work.



Vic has a really distinct style to her photographs - they feel really soft and elegant, yet fashionable and trendy. I also know her quite well so it would be easy to engage with her and collaborate on a high creative level.

Myself and Roxxie then decided to look into some visual research for the brand collecting potential products for the brand and styling options for models.

We also had a look at several different bohemian inspired products and brands to get more of a feel as to what we want to include within our brand:

The types of jewellery we use is important. Everything will need to follow a bohemian theme to reflect the brand well and hold the continuity. Headdresses will look perfect on models.

We both love the look and feel of Shop Dixi's website, and the jewellery that they stock. It's all very gypsy / bohemian-esque and they have a lot of luna related jewels too.

Elemental Child produce a variety of absolutely gorgeous quartz crystal crowns! We loved these. Annoyingly they cost between $100-$600, but we had a look elsewhere online and found cheaper alternatives on Etsy..

We even thought we could have a go at making one for the shoot - doesn't have to be amazing quality, as long as it holds together for the shoot!!

Body Art

Metallic temporary tattoos are also a must have. We thought that the overall aesthetic of gold and silver on the skin alongside silver and gold jewellery will be really aesthetically pleasing and complementary to one another. It will also reflect on the branding styles, and the overall bohemian look.

Even temporary tattoos in the form of suns and moons - these would be extremely relevant to the brand, due to the name Lunasol!

Bindis are pretty - in particular crescent moon bindis, to go with the theme of the brand!

Henna would be a nice addition to hands and feet on the models, as this will add decoration to the skin and complement the silver jewellery that they're modelling.


Model wise - we're keeping a look out for girls with dreads, so we can decorate their hair with beads and feathers etc. Plus dreadlocks are very bohemian / hippy-esque. But obviously finding a model with dreadlocks will be quite difficult, as it's very niche!

Long, wavy hair could also work as we can add plaits and beads to it still and it's very typical boho when it's wavy and long.


Today we really progressed and identified how we could expand the brief the next stage is to organise the photoshoot as this is the biggest task to do out of them all.

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