Saturday, 7 March 2015


For the brief I was sent over some photography to work from, taken by Lisa Erico. With Marcus wanting the images in a polaroid style I had to find some ways that I could experiment with this style of photography.


In researching into some photoshop tutorials I found an action button that automatically transformed imagery into polaroids which was a quick and effective and successfully transformed the images into this style with vintage filters.

I continued to edit all of the photography that was sent to me so I had a varied arrangement of photo's to work with, for the poster.


To start the poster design I set up an A3 Document and worked in monochrome just as an initial starting point, experimenting with type and image layout.

From my visual research I thought i'd experiment with the stacked style as it seemed the easiest to created for an initial starting point.

I started experimenting with a stacked style of photography and incorporating the type that Marcus requested for the poster. This arrangement could be capitalised on either with a bold colour similar to the tones for the photography or in the typography to really stand out and to enhance the retro style design. For my initial design I used the font 'colours of autumn' as it's a script style font that I thought would also add a personalised tone from what I saw in my visual research.

I then started to apply some colours using the vintage tones from the photography filters, I think the bolder orange would be something that could be something potential for Marcus, However I do feel that the overall aesthetic looks a bit fake but I will wait for further feedback to see if this design is going int the right direction before making anymore changes. 

I then started to experiment with using a multitude of the polaroid on one page as another experiment from my visual research.

However after arranging the images I felt that the layout didn't really work and look overcrowded, plus there was a lack of alternative imagery so it just looked a bit repetitive. So I decided to experiment with another visual idea.

Taking one of Marcus's images I decided to try using a bold background with a polaroid overlay. I blurred the background image slightly and arranged the polaroid over the top to look as though Marcus was holding a Polaroid over his face. From my other developments I felt that this one was much more visually striking and the bold colours really worked well together and the contrasting focuses to create a more modern and realistic polaroid design.

From the initial designs I decided to experiment with an alternative typeface for visual variation, I worked with 'Didot' as it works really well with typography and creates a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. I also decided to experiment with the same design in monochrome with bold coloured typography as another alternative for Marcus and Lisa to look at.


With only receiving a little bit of info on what the client wants I thought that I would create a few simple designs to see if I am on right track in regards to visual style and concept. With the brief being quite small i have the opportunity to create designs in a quick turn around for constant feedback, so I will sen dover a few designs for some feedback and how I can push the brief further. 

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