Saturday, 25 April 2015


Today myself and Roxxie took a trip into the city to get an arrangement of item for our photoshoot. We created a small to - do list of what we needed to get to ensure that our trip was efficient and we was prepared for the bank holiday photoshoot. In doing similar briefs to this in organising photoshoots I felt really confident in what we we would need for the photoshoot and will look forward in taking on an Art Direction role.

  • Stacked rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelet's
  • Nails
  • 2 Female outfits
  • Spray Paint
  • Jewellery Boxes
  • Vinyl


Myself and Roxxie visited a selection of bohemian style stores in search for props for the shoot looking into lanterns and rugs for inspiration.

We also visited Art Official and local spray paint shop and brought some chrome silver spray paint for our signature crescent moon thats prevalent in our logo ideas. We initially wanted to use pearlescent or glitter spray paints but due to them not being in stock we decided to go ahead with the other alternative.

The store owner recommended that we should use emulsion and water on the wood before spraying it to ensure that the paint will not sink into the wood. So myself and Roxxie will test out a selection of laser cut crescents for our laser cut slot on Monday 27th April to ensure that it goes the way we had anticipated.


For the looks I wrote down a selection of Looks that we needed for both female and male models for the shoots to ensure we reach everything and item we need for our target market.

We brought a selection of jewellery and outfits for the photoshoot for our female model for the photoshoot, myself and Roxxie set ourselves a budget of £200, which we stuck to, which was great in regards to planning and money management, although most of the products we will buy for this shoot will be returned.

We got all the jewellery from out to-do list and the outfits, we went for really bohemian looks that would fit in with the theme of our brief and work really well.

I then created a little look book of the potential look we needed for the photoshoot as roxxie's house as a guide for us on the day to ensure that we photography everything we need.


We met up with the female model Izzie who is in first year graphics to also ensure that the clothes would fit her for the shoot, to save us time on changing sizes and ensuring that they suited out model. This fitting was really successful and she was really lovely! 


During our time in town I thought it would be a good idea to get some vinyl for the packaging so we took a trip to  Sydney Beaumont however after a HALF an HOUR walk (i'm very unfit) it was shut! However we decided to return to this another day and focus on working on all the fine details for the photoshoot.


Although a long day, myself and Roxxie achieved the majority of things we needed to get on out to do list and the brief is slowly but surely coming together despite a few things not going to plan, we have enough time before the photoshoot to rectify everything that needs to get sorted and move forward,

Action Plan

  • Create pillow boxes for jewellery.
  • Order jewellery boxes.
  • Organise looks and jewellery.
  • List essential photoshoot shots.
  • Secure photographer.
  • Finalise logo
  • Order Viynl / Call Major Signs and Sydney Beaumont for stock.

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